Discover the joys of surfing your first waves! Your qualified instructor will teach you all the basics of surfing and will take you to an adequate surf spot to macht your level.

YOLO Riders Watersports Center is located in the heart of the Origo Mare Village, only a few hundred meters aways from the first surf spots of the North-Shore of Fuerteventura. 

This place is well-known to be one of the best surfing location in Europe for the variety and quality of the spots. "Majanicho", one of the most famous, is just 400m away from the Origo Mare village. Fuerteventura is a year-round surfing paradise, even winter has a warm and sunny weather and the surf conditions are amazing!


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Yolo Riders offers 2 different levels for surfing lessons: Beginner, for those who have never tried surfing or those with a limited experience andIntermediate, for those who want to try reef waves!

We are specialised in teaching children and the surf lessons are available for kids as soon as they know how to swim, generaly around 8/9 years old.

Lessons are either in the morning (9h) or in the afternoon (15h) according to the weather conditions and the tides. A weekly program is displayed at reception and in the YOLO Riders shop.

The lessons last 4h, from the moment you leave Origo Mare to the moment you are back.

We offer group lessons (max. 7 people), family lessons or private lessons. (see the "Prices" section for more informations)

All the equipment is included! (board, leash, wetsuit)

The transport from Origo Mare to the surf spot is also included, but if you have a car you can also come and follow us there!

A special surfing third party insurance is included in all the lessons.


1st lesson: 55€

2nd lesson: 50€

3rd lesson: 45€ 45€ for any extra lesson.

Families: ask us

Private: 160€

5 day course: 230€

To bring with you for the lesson: sun cream, towel or poncho to get changed on the beach, water and snacks...