Yolo Riders offers kitesurl lessons and course for all levels, respceting the highest safety standards: maximum 4 students per lesson.

The YOLO Riders centre, located in the Village Club Origomare, is only 15min away from the teaching kitesurf spots of Fuerteventura. Its central position allow us to choose which coast to go to in fonction of the wind direction.

We teach with the latest equipemnt, changed and renewed on a regular basis: kites with safety release, boards,radio-helmets, buoyancy aid, wetsuit and harness are included in all the packages. During your first tries in the water, a boat/jetski will be by your side to assit you at all time!

One of the biggest misconceptions about kitesurfing is that it is difficult to learn. With the right teaching it is well within the grasp of a complete novice to be up on a board within the 2 day course!


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Yolo Riders offers 2 different levels of kitesurf courses: Beginner, for those who have never tried to fly a kite and Intermediate, for those who already have a bit of experience flying 4 line kites and want more water-time to improve their skills with professional advices and supervision.

We accept kids above 12 years old, the minimum legal age to start learning kitesurfing.

Lessons are either in the morning (10h) or in the afternoon (15h) according to the weather conditions. A weekly program is displayed at reception and in the YOLO Riders shop.

The lessons last 4h, from the moment you leave Origo Mare to the moment you are back.

We offer group lessons (max. 4 people), family lessons or private lessons. (see the "Prices" section for more informations)

All the equipment is included! (board, kite, harness, radio-helmets, buoyancy aid wetsuit)

The transport from Origo Mare to the kitesurf spot is also included, but if you have a car you can also come and follow us there!

A special kitesurfing third party insurance is included in all the lessons.


beginner course 2 days (8h): 265€

beginner course 5 days (20h): 585€

intermediate course 1 day (4h): 160€

intermediate course 4 days (16h): 495€

Family: ask us

Private: ask us

To bring with you for the lesson: sun glasses, sun cream, towel or poncho to get changed on the beach, water and snacks...