Freediving is the art of holding your breath underwater! This challenge is accessible for everybody! Freediving is often shown as a very dangerous sport in the media but practiced with quilified instructor at a leisure level, it is a very safe activity.

With some adequate instruction and proper techniques, it is suprisingly easy to improve your breath-hold time. Most of the students manage to double their maximum breath-hold time within only a few hours of instructions! 

The freediving courses aim at improving your confidence in the water while exploring the underwater world. You will learn how to breath properly before and after diving, you will get familiar with diaphragmatic breathing, relaxation techniques and safety procedures. Practicing freediving will also greatly benefit any watersports riders such as kiters, surfers, windsurfers...


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Yolo Riders offers different freediving courses:

Discovery: For those who are curious to see what is freediving all about! You will be tought the basic theory of breath-holding, breathing and realxing and you will have a practice session in the sea.

Level 1: If you wish to have a solid knowledge of freediving to start with, this course is made for you! Once completed you will be delivered a world-wide recognised freediving diploma! It will cover all the theory about freediving, physiology, breathing, relaxing, one session in the pool and 3 sessions in the sea.

Surfer: If you are a surfer or a watersports entousiast and you wish to improve your confidence in the water, this course has been designed to give you the tools to do so! You will understand the mechanism of breath-hold and how to safely train to improve it. We will do a theorical part at the shop and a practice in the pool to reproduce surfing situations.

Trainings: If you already have a freediving qualification or diploma and just want to practice with a buddy or work and a specific set of skills, you can sign up for a training session.

The discovery course is open to anyone above 12 years old and the Level 1 course starts at 16 years old.

Lessons are either in the morning (9h) or in the afternoon (15h) according to the weather conditions and the tides. A weekly program is displayed at reception and in the YOLO Riders shop.

The discover and surfer courses are 4 to 5h long.

The Level 1 course last 2 and half days but can also be made in 5 half days.

All the equipment is included! (safety equipement, mask, snorkel, weight belts, wetsuit)

The transport from Origo Mare to the freediving spot is also included, but if you have a car you can also come and follow us there!

A special freediving third party insurance is included in all the lessons.

Discover: 85€

Level 1: 285€

Surfer: 75€

Training: ask us

To bring with you for the lesson: sun cream, towel or poncho to get changed on the beach, water and snacks...